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An On-Site Immersive Experience
Exos coaches join your team on your turf to explore and practice groundbreaking strategies — ones that are scientifically proven to improve how humans, teams, and workplace cultures function.
So you want to balance business imperatives with your team’s well-being? We’ve got the science and Exos coaches to help.
Participants take a baseline assessment, enabling our coaches to personalize their experience.
We guide your team through a strategic mix of keynotes, breakout discussions, workshops, and recharge breaks related to the four science-backed principles of working better together: establishing psychological safety, prioritizing recovery, making room for flow, and promoting dissent.

Each participant will create a unique go-forward Game plan that incorporates strategies for triggering Flow and boosting recovery.
A week later, we’ll supply a customized recommendation that leverages data collected during the event. We’ll identify where your team can shift focus in order to balance employee well-being and business objectives.
By the end of the experience, your team will be ready to work at a higher level and in a healthier way.
You’ll have a bottom-up
understanding of where you need to take your culture and evolve
your team’s “house rules” in order to sustain new behaviors and boundaries.
Each participant will leave with the
mind-body knowledge, tools, and agency they need to operationalize psych safety, recovery, Flow, and dissent for themselves and within their teams.
Your team will have a renewed sense of belonging, camaraderie, and accountability to one another. They’ll also leave with actionable
strategies that will help them work better together over the long term.
“I’d never seen this approach to team building, and I loved it!”
Participant, August 2022 workshop
“Great knowledge shared, effective use of time, great balance of work and play.”
Participant, August 2022 workshop
“It sparked productive conversation and reflection as a leader of teams”
Participant, August 2022 workshop
What real participants have said about their experience.
Reported when considering recovery, they're more motivated to change their behaviors.
Said they were more comfortable being themselves around their teammates after the workshop.
Reported their sense of belonging in their organization deepened after the workshop.
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